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Principal's Weekly Message - January 14

January 14, 2022

King Families- Happy Friday! As we go into the long weekend I hope you will help your student find time to catch up on any work and reading towards their 30 book challenge. And, of course, I hope that the holiday on Monday affords everyone some much needed rest and time to reflect on the legacy of our school's namesake and the work that remains for all of us to uphold his dream.

The covid guidelines are rapidly changing and it is difficult to stay current. We have had many cases this week and hope the surge will be over soon. In the meantime, please send your student to school in an N95 mask if possible. We should have plenty to give away next week. We are also starting to test students twice per week. Please be sure to sign your student up here if you haven't already: We are scheduled for testing on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Your student will have to remember to get tested on Tuesday after school if they aren't pulled from class to test before the day ends.

Please remember to email me and that if your student tests positive. They must stay home for 10 days UNLESS they test negative on a rapid antigen test after day 5. So basically if they get a negative test any time after day 5 they may return right away. Just have them bring the negative test to the office to clear them to return. We will mark them absent with covid until we have that proof they are cleared to return. Please note that there are 2 testing sites at the Adult School. Don't go to the Curative site on the west side of the building. Go to the BUSD walk up site on the east side (enter from Curtis St).

There is no school Monday and also no school on January 31 for a teacher professional development day.

Thanks and have a good weekend!

Janet Levenson


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