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Enroll in LEARNS After School Sports & Courses

To begin this new adventure with LEARNS, you must enroll in the LEARNS Program. Registration for Fall will be held online in August and at the Welcome Fair. You will receive a letter by mail in August explaining how to begin the sign-up process. Spring signup will happen in January.


This page will guide you through the Berkeley LEARNS After School Program enrollment process at King.

Step 1

Step One: Enrollment Process

All Sports and Classes—LEARNS Registration Forms

  • Enrollment will take place online at 

    •  CLICK AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS on the LEFT side and scroll down to find your home school's LEARNS program for your student's rising grade for this coming year.  MAKE SURE YOU CHECKOUT AND GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL! (You will be prompted to create an account if you are a new family.) 

    • You will be placed automatically on the "waitlist", but we are trying to confirm families asap with the staff we can secure.


Sports Forms

Forms & Registration

Students WILL NOT be allowed to tryout for any team without completion of the required documents:

  • Sports descriptions and schedule are available on the Sports page

  • All of our student-athletes are required to have a current physical signed and stamped by their physician! No student-athlete will be allowed to tryout for any sport without having a current physical on file in the LEARNS office (Room S1).  For the physical to be current, it must be signed, stamped, and dated.  Please make a copy of the completed Physical Packet for your records and turn it in all together, as the separate pieces tend to get lost. Any physicals without the necessary physician stamp will not be accepted! All forms MUST be completed before coming to registration. 

  • There is a doctor students can go for their physical if their primary provider can not provide one in time.  They can call ahead and get a same day appointment:

Dr. John Konstantin

2584 MacArthur Blvd.

Oakland, CA 94602

(510) 530-5400

$20 fee

*Please bring our med form for them to complete!

Step 2
Step 3

Step Two: Income Verification

There is a monthly fee to participate in the Berkeley LEARNS programs at King. Our sports teams are part of the Berkeley LEARNS program at King and are NOT a separate program.


Any family paying less than the full-fee rate MUST provide proof of income. Please provide a photocopy of your W-4 from last year or a photocopy of two recent pay stubs for each member of the household who is employed. We will be unable to make copies of these documents during registration.

Step Three: Payment


There is a one-time $15 registration fee per family to enroll your student(s) in LEARNS. Please pay this registration fee online by credit card or submit the payment to the LEARNS office. Monthly fees can be automatically charged to your credit card or automatically deducted from your checking account on the first of each month. If you would prefer a monthly invoice, contact the LEARNS office.

Checks, Money Orders or Cash: Payable to “BUSD”—can be turned in directly to our office in S1 or mailed to:

c/o King Middle School
1781 Rose Street
Berkeley, CA 94703


For​ ​Credit Card payments: Log-into your online portal using the email & password you established during registration:


Enrollment is considered INCOMPLETE without payment. Your student will NOT be able to attend Berkeley LEARNS After School Program until the registration process has been completed.


Enrolled Student Information


Online Portal

You can access your online portal here:


After logging in, you can update your billing information, update personal info or emergency contacts, add or drop enrollment days, and make manual credit card payments.


Program Fees

Invoices and auto-charges will begin on September 1st, and will continue on the first of each month until June. If your student is a “Sports Only” student, you will be charged monthly at the 3-day rate for the duration of the season.

If there is ever a change in your income, or your student’s schedule, please notify so we can make adjustments to your fees. Please communicate about your family’s needs and let’s find solutions to keep your student here with us!


In order to keep your student safe (and to keep our program running!), we need accurate attendance records. Please stress to your student the importance of signing-in to LEARNS at S1 each day, and then signing-out when they leave. In an emergency, it is vital we know exactly who is present and who has already left campus for the day. Once students leave campus, they are not permitted to return to the LEARNS program.


Every student’s schedule is different and every family has different needs. If your student is enrolled in an enrichment class or sport and will be absent, please contact or call 510-883-6511. Students who are not present for their classes or arrive late without a pass from a teacher, will get a phone call home. If your student will be permanently dropping a class, please notify us ASAP so we will not be expecting them.


Students participating in LEARNS should meet in Room S1 immediately concluding their classes for the school day. Students are not permitted to leave campus and then return for LEARNS. Activities will be available for students to choose each day until enrichment classes begin in mid-September.


If you are picking up your student from LEARNS, come directly to the LEARNS Office in S-1 and we will have your student meet you there.


Please do not hesitate to become a part of this wonderful program! We look forward to a great year together!

Sports Enrollment

Sports Enrollment Process


Berkeley LEARNS King Visionaries After School Program Sports Teams

The Berkeley LEARNS Sports Program offers twelve different sports throughout the year.  The majority of the teams are competitive, but there are also intramural teams for some of the sports as well.  Intramural teams do not have a tryout process, but the competitive teams do.  Our Intramural (IM) teams are used to promote wellness and allow students who do not compete on our competitive teams an opportunity to be active, learn the fundamentals of a sport, and ultimately have fun. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Fred Sims, Athletic Director at or (510) 883-6511.

Tryouts & Parents Meeting

All tryout dates will be announced in the school bulletin and on e-tree and are posted on this website. Tryout results will be posted outside King Visionaries Program office.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding the intramural or competitive sports teams, please contact Fred Sims, Athletic Coordinator at or (510) 883-6511.


Please note and mark your calendars for the MANDATORY parent meeting dates for your respective sport.  No student-athlete will be allowed to practice or compete in any games without a parent/guardian attending your sport’s parent meeting!  Any conflicts with this, please contact me directly at or (510) 883-6511.

Forms & Registration

Students WILL NOT be allowed to tryout for any team without completion of the required documents:

  1. FORM: Voluntary Sports Waiver

  2. FORM: Medical Treatment Authorization Waiver

  3. FORM: BUSD Health Certification for Participation (signed and completed by a doctor)

LEARNS Registration & Fees

All of our sports offerings require that you enroll in our LEARNS After School Program! The athletic program is a part of the LEARNS Program, which entails a fee, but also allows our student-athletes to take advantage of our enrichment classes while playing a sport at King. Students must be enrolled in LEARNS prior to any joining a sports team.

There is a fee requirement to participate in a sport here at King! Students only participating in a sport pay the monthly LEARNS fee at the 3-day rate for the duration of the sport. All of our sports seasons are either 2 or 3 months long, meaning “sports only” families will pay a total of $250 or $375 in LEARNS fees. Some sports are offered year-round, and families only pay for the # of days your students participates (Typical offerings of Tennis, Soccer Club, and Basketball Conditioning are 1-day/week, Cheer & Dance and Winter Conditioning are 2-days/week.)


If your family needs financial assistance for your student-athlete to participate in a sport, please contact us! You must show proof of income to be eligible for any fee reduction or scholarship. Please bring a copy of this proof of income for us to keep on file.

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