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Internship Program at MLK Middle School

Counseling Internship and Practicum Program Highlights:


About our training program…


  • We begin the year with a thorough orientation for interns to develop a sense of community and understand their role at King. 

  • We offer weekly group and/or individual supervision.

  • We request, at minimum, two days a week and require a one year commitment.

  • Our interns and trainees have opportunities to provide individual counseling, group counseling, classroom support, family support, and school committee work.

  • We expect a high level of autonomy and reliability from our staff.

  • Our program has been running for more than 20 years and is renowned as a rigorous training program for mental health professionals. We have been featured in journals, newspapers and on NPR.

  • We have a dedicated counseling space, with furnished rooms and play and art therapy supplies.


About our students…


  • King Middle School is a diverse, urban school with over 1000 students in grades 6-8.

  • 24% of our students identify themselves as African American, 9% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 15% Hispanic or Latino, and 51% White/European American/Other; 39% of our students come from low-income families.


About our school…


  • Our school is counseling friendly. All of your clients are being seen voluntarily. Most students love to come to counseling and counselors are very popular at our school. Teachers and staff are very supportive of the counseling program.

  • King is located within walking distance of a dozen coffee shops and renowned restaurants. Our school cafeteria serves hot, delicious, fresh, organic food daily.


About our supervisors…


  • Our supervisors are all dedicated to an intern's individual growth and development over the course of the year. We all have our PPS credential. We have the capacity to supervise students getting a masters degree in any counseling related field.


If you are interested in an internship, please contact us:

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