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Welcome to the Parent-Teacher Association!

Join the PTA

Minimum $10. Become a PTA member with voting rights.

Friends of King

Help the PTA provide essential elements of your child’s education! Contribute to the campaign today!

The goal of the King Parent Teacher Association is to positively impact the lives of all King students and their families.


We do this by:

  1. Building and strengthening community ties among King families and between King families, teachers and staff;

  2. Increasing parent and caregiver connections to King school;

  3. Raising funds to support programs and initiatives for student success, and to support the PTA’s in strengthening connections community.

Why Donate

Why Donate to King?


The invaluable gifts of your time and energy are some of the most important ways you can give to King! With a parent population of over 1,500, we are proud that almost a third of our parents sign up to volunteer in some capacity during the year.


King’s PTA budget is over $165,000 raised through the Friends of King fundraising campaign, and events such as the spring Run-a-Thon. We also raise money through small grants. Grant awards vary from year to year.


Some PTA funded programs include

  • Cooking and gardening teachers for the Edible Schoolyard

  • Technology support for all school computers

  • Lifeguards for the swimming program

  • After school sports

  • 6th Grade Welcome Dinners

  • 7th Grade science programming

  • 8th Grade graduation dance

  • Classroom libraries

  • Parent Education presentations

  • P.E. equipment (such as basketballs and basketball hoops)

  • Classroom supplies

  • Special science classroom supplies

  • Field trips

  • Art supplies

  • Student planners


We are very conscientious in using the funds entrusted to us, adhering to budgeting and accounting practices that ensure PTA monies are secure and accounted for and spent in accordance with the priorities of the school and the parent community.


We welcome your participation as a leader or volunteer and your donations to the Friends of King Campaign. Thank you in advance for your participation at King!


PTA Meetings and Parent Education


PTA meetings typically occur on the first Tuesday of the month and are held in the Teachers’ Lounge off of the main courtyard.


PTA Executive Board meetings are from 6:00-6:30pm, PTA general meetings are from 6:30-7:00pm, and Parent Education presentations are from 7:00-8:00pm.


Check E-Tree postings for the most up-to-date information about Parent Education topics. Meetings will be held virtually when in-person gatherings are not possible.


Calendar of Meetings

You can view upcoming meetings and other events on the King calendar. The calendar can also be added to your google account.

Parent Education 2023 -24

Coming Soon!

Get Involved

Current Projects & Activities – Get Involved!


Find an opportunity that fits your interests, skills, and availability.




PTA Budget

Each year, a Budget Committee including the PTA Treasurer, PTA Financial Secretary, PTA President, King Principal, and any interested PTA member/s meet to plan how to raise, and spend, donations to the Martin Luther King Middle School PTA. The draft budget is presented for approval to membership at the last PTA meeting of the year so that financial matters can move forward over the summer, then the official budget vote and approval is held at the first PTA meeting (September) of the next year. Once the budget is passed, additional spending can only be made with membership approval of budget amendments.

How We Fundraise

We try to keep it simple and straightforward – we don’t sell gift wrap or candy, we don’t hold offsite fundraising events or auctions; our parties and performances are all free of charge. We figure out what our school’s most important needs are and then we simply ask parents to donate their share; if every family gives $300 per year, per child, we are good to go.

Our number one priority is strengthening our school community; our fundraising goal is 100% participation; whether each of us can give $10 or $10,000, every one of us needs to contribute all that we can to our school. Those of us who can give more than $300 help make up for those of us who find $300 a stretch. Our two main fundraising events are our direct request for funds, called “Friends of King”, and our annual Run-a-Thon, where each student collects pledges and runs, walks, or rolls as many laps as they can during their gym class that day.

Reimbursement Form

To request reimbursement for approved PTA expenses, please use this form.

PTA Leadership and Contacts

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