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Support & Counseling Services


Please contact your student’s Vice Principal or Counselor for help with social, emotional, or academic issues. They will work as a team to put you in touch with resources to support your student.


Vice Principals

Gabriel Fredman (6th)
Justin Davis (7th)
Lery Chavez (8th)

Contact information is on the main Directory.



For information about counseling, including profiles of the counselors and consent forms, please visit the Counseling Department page.

Learning Center

Learning Center


There are three Learning Centers serving academic support needs at King Middle school, one for each grade level. Learning Center programs vary by grade level and the particular needs of students who require specialized academic instruction. The Learning Centers focus on helping students meet goals set as part of Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) but also extend support to students without IEPs on a regular basis. Learning center programs include:

  • short- or long-term skills-based mini-classes

  • small-group instruction to reinforce the basics in reading, writing, and math

  • organizational support

  • test proctoring for students who require modified assessment environment

  • teacher-requested drop-in help with assignments


The Learning Center teachers, who are certificated special educators, follow their class from the 6th through the 8th grade to maintain continuity for the students and to maximize the efficiency of support models that may span more than one year.


Articles and Handouts

From time to time teachers, staff, or guests offer articles on helping your student and yourself survive middle school. We will also post material from guest speakers here when it is available for parents who are unable to attend presentations.


The Transition to Sixth Grade: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, by Amy Specter

Girl Drama, by Amy Specter

Tips for Family-Based Sexuality Education, by Jessica Bowen Bazyl

Enhancing Student Motivation, by Tim Urdan, PhD

Parenting Tips: Loving and Liking Your Middle Schooler, by Cathy Carr, LMFT

What Are They Thinking About?, by Cathy Carr, LMFT

Parent Ed

Workshops & Presentations


Parent Education programs are offered throughout the year, often following PTA meetings. PTA meetings are at 6:30, with Parent Education following at 7:00, both in the Teachers Lounge.

See the calendar for details.

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