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Principal's Weekly Message

December 10, 2021

King Families,

We have one week left in the semester. This is the weekend to check grades and complete any missing assignments. Please help your student finish strong!

It is supposed to rain next week so students will be eating breakfast and lunch indoors should that happen. We try to keep students outdoors as much as possible but will bring them inside if it is raining too hard. It is a good time to that all of you who are not sending your student to school with covid symptoms. We need to remain committed to protecting our community.

Next week BUSD will be sending home a test kit with every student so they can test before returning to school in January. Please remember to ask your student for the test kit.

If your student has been recently vaccinated please send the vaccination card to

You should have received the annual Friends of King Campaign letter right before Thanksgiving. Financial support from King families pays for programs and initiatives that allow our students – and our community – to thrive this year and into the future. Our Friends of King goal for 2021-2022 is $100,000 and we are asking every King family to consider making as generous a donation as possible to help reach that goal. Remember: your donation is completely tax-deductible. Use the special return envelope in the mailing or visit our website at and put your gift to work immediately.

Thank you.

Have a wonderful weekend! Janet


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