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King Run-A-Thon April 17

Help Raise Funds for the PTA During the Martin Luther King Middle School Run-a-Thon!

The annual King Run-a-Thon is coming up on Wednesday, April 17th. Students will run laps around the King track during their PE class on that day. There will be music and healthy snacks provided by the PTA. Parents and caregivers are welcome to attend to help pass out snacks or to cheer on our runners! (SignUpGenius to come after Spring Break.)

Prizes will be awarded for those students who run the most laps. Prizes will be distributed two-three weeks later, after the PE teachers and the Run-a-Thon coordinators have had a chance to compile the results.

In addition to being a fun event for students, the Run-a-Thon is also an important fundraiser for King. Your student will be bringing home a Run-a-Thon pledge form and envelope, which they can use to collect pledges from family and friends. Those pledges can be based on the number of laps completed or a flat amount. Donations can be in the form of cash or checks (to be kept in the envelope) or online. The pledge form has a QR code that will take donors to the donation page on the King website. Envelopes are due back to your advisory teacher by Monday, April 22!

There are prizes for running the most laps, plus students can also be entered into a raffle for running over 7 laps as well as for collecting donations -- the more individual donors, no matter how small, the more entries. Additional information about the raffle tickets is included on the donation form.

We look forward to a fun Run-a-Thon and wish our student runners good luck!


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