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Golden Sneaker Contest is On!

The Golden Sneaker Contest starts on Monday March 4th for the 6th grade classes and runs for 2 weeks through March 15th. The class with the highest percentage of shared and active transportation to school wins the Golden Sneaker Trophy and golden shoelaces.

Golden Sneaker FAQs  

How Does it Work? 

Each day during the Contest students report to their 1st period teacher if they walked, biked, rolled, scooted, or used shared transportation such as the bus or carpool.

Does it count if students are dropped off a few blocks from campus and walk the rest of the way? 

Yes!! This option fosters physical activity and decreases traffic congestion around the school. We also recognize that many students rely on cars to get to school.

Do electric vehicles count? 

No. While electric vehicles, or EVs, are a great way to reduce pollution, they may only count as a carpool option if more than one family rides in the vehicle.

If you have any questions, please contact King's Safe Routes to Schools Champion John Whaley at 


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