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Order Your King P.E. Uniform!

Reminder 7th & 8th Grade Families: ORDER YOUR KING P.E. UNIFORM! UPDATE: Donations of used uniforms in good condition are welcome! Please contact Eva Diez ( if you are interested in second-hand uniforms, or to donate a uniform. 7th and 8th grade King students are required to “dress” for PE (6th graders are not). The PE department accepts 90% navy blue crew neck t-shirts, 90% navy blue athletic shorts (with at least a 5 inch inseam) or 90% navy blue sweat pants as “dressed”. For your convenience, the PTA sells PE uniforms (blue sport clothing emblazoned with the King Cobra logo). If you’d like to purchase a new PE uniform for pickup at the Aug. 12 Welcome Fair, please do so at our online store before Friday, July 22. No uniforms will be sold at the Welcome Fair, only pickups of orders made before July 22, 2022. Thank you! Questions? Contact Eva Diez, King PE Uniform coordinator:


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