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King Flash: PTA Meeting

PTA Meeting Tuesday, January 11th at 6:30pm Check your email from Sunday, January 9 with the tile King Flash: PTA Meeting for the Zoom links. (Zoom links are not published here on the blog)

Please Join Us Tuesday, 1/11/22 | Parent Education Workshop @ 7pm following the PTA Meeting Presenter: Dr. Rachelle Rogers-Ard This is the second of a four series workshops on Anti-Racism Critical Race Theory: What it is, and why are people so upset? This Workshop presents a deep dive into the background, authors, and tenets of CRT: Permanence of racism, Interest Convergence, Counter-storytelling, and Whiteness as Property. Participants will also engage in a discussion around the ways to respond to our country's CRT backlash. RSVP for the Workshop HERE. Join the Workshop HERE. *************************


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