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Parent Education Workshops 2022-23



Greetings Families,

A quick note to say hello and thank you to those of you who responded to the survey regarding Workshop topics – I hope you will see your contributions reflected in the slate of speakers. This year, the Workshops will be a hybrid of in-person and Zoom, mirroring the PTA Meetings – and following them immediately from 7pm – 8pm.

I’ve provided a table below of the speakers - please review, RSVP for the ones you’d like to attend and make a note in your calendar. When you RSVP, I have your email to send you direct messages/reminders for the Workshops, and it allows our presenters to anticipate how many participants they can expect. We look forward to seeing you!

As always, please feel free to be in touch:


Jenn Lynn-Whaley

Please Join Us ON ZOOM for our first Parent Ed Workshop | Tuesday, 10/11/22 from 7pm – 8pm – immediately following the PTA Meeting

“The Heart of Technology: Mindfulness Tools for Better Relationships with our Devices, and Each Other”

About the Workshop:

Even before COVID, parents and caregivers were concerned about how the use of devices was affecting the development and well being of their children. Now as we see the "virtualization" of almost every aspect of life, that concern has become more pressing. As parents and caregivers, we might feel under-equipped to help our children navigate this hyper-technologized world so different from the one we grew up in - one that presents new obstacles to their healthy biopsychosocial development. The good news is that we can learn how to support our youth in building healthy relationships with technology, and that in doing so we improve our own. Underpinned by a polyvagal, neuroscience-informed framework, this experiential workshop will provide some key education around the impacts of technology on young people, the nature of "persuasive technology", and the polyvagal theory of connection and emotional regulation. We will then learn some heart-centered mindfulness practices to help children and youth develop social skills and empathy, both on and offline. You will also gain some practical tools and resources for managing device use to support a balanced and connected life, for yourself and your children.

About the Presenter:

Katrin Welch (she or they) is a Mindfulness Trainer, Therapist and Coach who has spent over fifteen years guiding youth and adults of diverse backgrounds in the use of mindfulness for better biopsychosocial wellness. She blends neuroscience, polyvagal theory, contemplative psychology and spiritual engagement to serve the changing needs of human beings in a changing world. Katrin lives on Ohlone ground in Berkeley, CA but travels to Minneapolis-Dahkota land - to enjoy the company of her nephew Helios, whom she believes to be the most adorable child ever born.



Schedule for the 2022-23 Parent Education Workshops

Date: 11/9/22 *Wednesday 7-8pm

Location: In Person @ Teacher Lounge

Presenter(s)Lisa Miller & Tatiana Guerreiro Ramos

Workshop: “Middle School Study Habits and Organization Strategies” RSVP HERE

Date: 1/10/23 Tuesday 7-8pm

Location: ZOOM Link

Presenter(s): Jenn Rader

Workshop: "Managing Our Anxiety: How to support our kids and ourselves in these challenging times" RSVP HERE

Date: 2/21/23 Tuesday 7-8pm

Location: In Person @ Teacher Lounge

Presenter(s): Lisa Fuller

Workshop: “Maintaining Strong Connections with Your Kiddo” (temporary title) RSVP HERE

Date: 3/14/23 Tuesday 7-8pm

Location: ZOOM Link

Presenter(s): Rhana Hashemi

Workshop: “Reality-based Drug Education for Parents” RSVP HERE

Date: 4/11/23 Tuesday 7-8pm

Location: In Person @ Teacher Lounge

Presenter(s): TBD


Date: 5/9/23 Tuesday 7-8pm

Location: ZOOM Link

Presenter(s): Cindy Pierce

Workshop: “Kids & Sex” (temporary title) RSVP HERE

* Please note: This PTA/Parent Ed Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 11/9/22 as Tuesday 11/8/22 is Election Day.


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