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King Flash: PE Uniform Update (7th & 8th grade only)


Did you order a KING PE uniform online between August 16 and August 22? All orders placed online will be available for pick up during PE class during the week of September 13th. Have your child present a copy of the order confirmation email or a note from parent/guardian with the last name of the person placing the order.

Did you order during the summer and forget to pick up at the Welcome Fair? There were just a few orders left over. The PE teachers have your orders as well. Please, have your student ask his/her PE teacher.

Does your student still need a PE uniform? The PE teachers have some inventory. Your child can purchase directly from the PE teachers with cash or check. You can also buy any navy blue athletic wear. It does not have to have the King logo.

Did you get the wrong size? If you ordered the wrong size, the PE teachers will be able to exchange items as long as they have the inventory and the item you want to exchange is still in new condition. Have your student ask their teacher during their PE class or go to the Boys’ Side PE offices Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday (not Wednesday) after school (3:15-3:30).

Questions? Contact Anna Fogelman at


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