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UPDATED: Enrolling in LEARNS

You can register your student for the LEARNS waitlist at your student's confirmed home school only. We do not provide transportation or enrollment at/to other schools with LEARNS programs.

There is a small glitch going on on the web portal right now.

To register around the glitch please :

  1. CLICK AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS on the LEFT side and just scroll down past all of the classes to find your home school's LEARNS program for your students' rising grade for this coming year. Reference the instructions on the home page for help!) - MAKE SURE YOU CHECKOUT AND GET A CONFIRMATION EMAIL! (you will be prompted to create an account if you are a new family, first)

  2. You will be automatically on the waitlist, but we are trying to confirm families by next week with the staff we can secure.

Thank you for your interest in the LEARNS program.


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