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LEARNS Newsletter February 7-11, 2022

Greetings King Family:

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. As we continue our program, we have a few updates with classes and our winter sports.

We will start our computer classes this week. Computer Science classes are held Monday and Friday 3:15-4:15pm. If you are interested in signing your student up please let me know. There is still space. Bridging Berkeley: Math will also be starting this week. Mon/Thurs 3:15-5:30pm and Wed 2:20-4:00pm. If your student needs any math support please let me know and I can place with a math tutor.

Please remember all students in the after school program must have a schedule on file. If you have not turned in a schedule you still have time. If you student is no longer in the after school program, please let me know. It is very important that all students sign in and sign out when they are in the LEARNS program. If your student does not sign in we are not responsible for them. All students must be in their assigned classes. If for any reason a student needs to change their schedule they will need to talk with me and I can make the proper adjustments. If you have not paid your online invoice please do so. If you have not received an invoice please let me know. We have been working with the system to make the proper corrections. As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Thanks, LaShonda SPORTS See Weekly Sports Schedule for this week's Schedule for Girl's Basketball, Soccer and Tennis.

We are excited to announce that athletics contests will begin at all sites next week for Girls Basketball and Soccer starting on Monday, February 7. Similar to the fall season, spectators will be limited to two per athlete for indoor contests. Masking and physical distancing will be required as safety precautions for all spectators in attendance. Thank you for your patience during this time. Please see spectator requirements below.

  • Spectators must be masked while on school campus attending any indoor or outdoor games.

  • ONLY (2) spectators per athlete for Girls Basketball! Sign-in with listed contact information prior to entry will be required.

  • Physical distancing is a required safety precaution both indoors and outdoors.

I have included a snapshot of each team's game schedule below. Players who have regularly attended practice will be given preference regarding playing time. Please see all player requirements below.

  • Please keep your child home if they have any COVID-19 symptoms at all.

  • Seek BUSD or other testing if you believe your child has been in close contact with someone with COVID or has COVID symptoms. BUSD is offering rapid testing for students and staff in the back parking lot of Berkeley Adult School (at the Curtis St. entrance) between 9:00 - 4:30 on Mondays-Fridays. This free testing option will remain available through the course of the Omicron surge, and no appointments are necessary. Regrettably, testing for parents is not available.

  • Continue to talk with your child about the importance of staying masked indoors and outdoors for all practices and games.

See Weekly Sports Schedule for this week's Schedule for Girl's Basketball, Soccer and Tennis.


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