Receive expert training in the highly skilled sport of tennis from Calrton Jones of Aztec Tennis.  Tennis is being offered as an intramural sport, which means there are no tryouts. This is a coed sport that will accommodate beginning and experienced players

Beginning tennis on Mondays covers the fundamentals of the game such as grips, forehand, backhand, volleys, and serves. We also cover footwork and movement drills and scoring . . . lots of fun!

Experienced players who can rally but need work on first and second serves, volleys, consistency, and game strategy are welcome to play on Wednesdays. We cover topspin, slice on forehand, backhand, transition game and double play.

Novice-level players who can rally serve with some consistency and play one set of tennis play on Fridays. This class will cover the ground stroke (both forehand and backhand), volleys, serve, and overhand smash.