Tdap Requirement for all 7th grade students

– Applies to ALL students entering 7th grade –


Prepare your student for entering 7th grade. If you have not provided proof of the Tdap immunization during the 6th grade registration, please submit proof to the registrar’s office by the last day of the school year. Proof can be provided by fax, by email at

Joann Marshall

or in person.

Remember this message only applies to parents who did not provide proof of Tdap during 6th grade registration.


California school immunization law requires ALL students entering 7th grade to show proof of a whooping cough (pertussis) booster shot, called Tdap, before entering school. Students who fail to meet this requirement will not be allowed to attend school starting in September.

New and current Sixth grade parents may bring proof of immunization to the School Office weekdays starting in August and should hand in the form before the last day of the school year.

Contact your health care provider to find out if your child needs the Tdap booster shot to meet this immunization requirement. If you do not have a regular provider, the vaccine is offered through the Immunization Assistance Program at the City of Berkeley Public Health Clinic. For clinic information, download the list (pdf) or look at the Alameda County website.

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