Stay Involved

Stay Involved in your Student’s School Life!

There are dozens and dozens of ways to be involved as a parent, guardian, or grandparent at King; this is just a sampling. Nothing models leadership qualities for our children better than seeing US be leaders!

If you are interested in doing any of these things, visit the PTA page to learn who to contact, or just ask – we’ll connect you!

Room Parents – 6th Grade Only – Way easier than being a room parent in elementary school! Help plan a community-building welcome dinner for your class – with tons of support and guidance from experienced parents plus a PTA sponsored caterer!

Make a donation to the Friends of King giving campaign – Parents pay for dozens of important programs at King. Our goal is 100% participation; give what you can. If every family gives $300, we will make our programming goals!

Come to a Parent Education Event, Concert, Play, PTA Meeting, Game, Party …it’s all good!

Green Coordinator – Work with students, staff, parents and Green Schools leaders, develop ways to reduce solid waste at King.

Welcome Event for New Families – Introduce new families to our community.

Mailing Parties – quarterly mailing parties to send out materials. High-end treats, great company and awesome karma always provided!

Be a Reading Tutor or Writing Coach – one-on-one work with a student makes a real difference. Free training!

Gardens & Yards – maintain and improve King’s outdoor spaces.

Hospitality – Decorating, serving, cooking. organizing for community/staff appreciation events.

Construction & Landscape – Carpentry, Landscaping, Tree Work, Painting…

Finance – PTA Financial Planning, Bookkeeping, Accounting, Oversight.

Fundraising – Help raise vital funds for school programs! A little writing, a little strategizing… E-Scrip, grants, letters. Way less work than at the elementary school you came from!

After-school Programs – Coaching, Team Parents, & Classes – Teams and classes need parent support – be a coach, a driver, a snack or logistics provider, a teacher, or helper!

Tours – Help us show off our fabulous school; Fall and Winter tours for prospective & incoming parents/guardians.

Newsletter – write or edit monthly newsletter for parents, working with Principal.

Communications – Manage twice-weekly e-mail digests for the e-tree, write content for the website.

Earthquake & Safety – Disaster & Emergency Preparedness

PE Uniforms – Manage school uniforms and coordinate delivery for the Welcome Fair.

Translations – written and spoken, (especially Spanish).

Sports Banquet – plan the end of year school-wide celebration for all teams/athletes.

Site Governance Council – work with staff and other parents to evaluate school programs.

Costumes – help support drama productions.

Website Maintenance – Update the awesome King website regularly.

Welcome Fair – help new families get oriented to our school.

Cooking and Gardening Program – Pitch-in in the kitchen, or do a little weeding in our amazing cooking/gardening program.

Fall Festival – Run an activity at our free annual celebration!

6th Grade Welcome Dinners – Plan a party where you get to meet your new classmates’ families and teachers.

Whatever we do, added all up, is HUGE! Contact the PTA or visit the PTA page to get involved