Pledge online!  The Run-a-Thon is on!  

All students will complete as many laps of our track as they can during their P.E. class that day. Your sponsorship of a student runner will help us raise money for the PTA. This is the PTA’s final fundraiser of the year, so please reach out to your neighbors, grandparents, and other community members to sponsor a King runner!

Please check the calendar for the exact date! You can open the calendar here at this link:



Students were given a pledge form and instructions in class this week (6th graders during Homeroom, and 7th/8th graders during Advisory. If you have not seen this form emerge from your child’s backpack, please fish it out and fill it out! 

You can donate and/or  pay your PLEDGE ONLINE with this link and click the Run- A- Thon Donations (note, you can enter your student name on the CHECKOUT page in the additional note box that shows up under the total).    ONLINE DONATION and PLEDGE PAYMENT FORM


We are also in need of volunteers to help out on the day of Run-A-Thon. It is a very enjoyable and exciting day, and well worth signing up for a shift!


All students who turn in the white page of their pledge forms by April 25th (the day before the Run-a-Thon), and who complete the minimum number of laps their P.E. teacher sets for them, will be included in a raffle of AWESOME prizes!

Examples of previous years Run-a-Thon raffle prizes for our participants were:
* Fitness tracker
* Gift Certificates to Sports Basement
* Gioia Pizza and Soda Gift Certificates

Runners, take your mark…

NOTE: One prize per student. In the event a student’s name is drawn in more than one category, the prize will be awarded to the next eligible student.