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Welcome Fair is Friday, August 24th!
School starts in just two weeks! Monday, August 27th!
Dear King Families,
Hope you had a great summer! Only two weeks from today we’ll be starting the ’18/’19 school year. The excitement is palpable.
I’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about a variety of back to school issues – more than there’s time to answer! Please remember that each grade level has a vice principal who travels with your student from 6th grade to 7th grade to 8th grade.
Your first point of contact should be your grade level VP.  Please contact Javier Mendieta (6th –, David Gold (7th – and Megan Truitt ( – 8th) with questions or concerns about your student, the schedule, the Welcome Fair or any other pressing issues.

Janet Levenson
Principal, M.L. King Middle School

Back-To-School includes attending (and volunteering at)
the King Welcome Fair on Friday, 8/24
Sign Up for a shift today!
Hello King Families,
In just two weeks school starts up for the ’18/’19 academic year! We really need your help at the King Welcome Fair on Friday, August 24th (the Friday before school starts). We require volunteers throughout the day from 8 am – 5 pm to make this important, exciting and nervous day run smoothly. Please sign up for a volunteer slot. All King families (student + parent) are required to attend the fair to receive their school schedules.  We are aiming for at least 10 volunteers for each time slot.
Sign up for a shift right now!


“Keep feeling the need for being important, for being first. But be the first in love, in moral excellence, in generosity.”  -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
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