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This Week’s Events:

Camp Kesem Info Night
Math Night: The SBAC State Exam. Geometry:   SA and V
School Board Meeting at 1231 Addison Street
Girls Leadership Workshop


Have you filled up your pledge sheet? 
The Run A Thon is coming!!!

The Run A Thon is the biggest fundraising event of the year!

Your student should be collecting pledges from family, friends, neighbors, and community members. All money raised goes directly to support the fantastic programs at our school including the Edible Schoolyard, our school library, field trips, and much more! For your student, the more pledges they collect, the better their odds are for winning great prizes such as gift cards, Echo Dots, and Beats headphones.
We still need more volunteers to help on the day of the Run A Thon. Please sign up to cheer on the students and keep them hydrated during the Run A Thon. It is sure to be a fun day for everyone – students, staff, and parents!

Camp Kesem Info Night
Camp Kesem is a national organization supporting children through and beyond a parent or caregiver’s cancer. The camp is organized and run entirely by college students, with support from healthcare & mental health professionals.
Kesem is an amazing opportunity for kids to help process their emotions and gain support when their parent is sick or has passed away from cancer. Froggie is hosting an Info night

Time Again for the Adult Math!
Child care and pizza provided
Tuesday : The SBAC State Exam.  Geometry: SA and V
Tuesday : Statistics and Data
Tuesday : 7th Grade Preview and 6th Grade Review. Connections.

 Support Dance in BUSD, Mar. 14 (Wed)
BUSD has the potential to make dance part of EVERY elementary school PE program grades 1-3. This is an exciting proposal that would create an equitable & sustainable dance program for all kids in Berkeley.
BUSD School Board Room
Wed., Mar. 14, 7:00pm – 8:00pm


Girls Leadership Workshop
girls leadership
Join us for a workshop for “Handling Tricky Situations Online” for 6th, 7th, 8th grade girls plus one adult.
Girls Leadership offers a series of courses for girls and grown-ups to build emotional intelligence. In the upcoming workshops, girl & grown-up pairs will learn about identifying healthy relationships, finding their voices, and communicating more effectively. Girls also develop resilient responses to conflict, drama, challenges, and mistakes. The program is interactive, fun, and enlightening, and it’s also a great opportunity to gain insight and spend time with your daughter in a new and different way.
6th/7th/8th: Handling Tricky Situations Online
LOCATION: King Staff Lounge
  • Week One: Our Relationship with Technology
  • Week Two: Communication and the Internal Voice
  • Week Three: Upholding our Values Online and Off
  • Week Four: Tricky Situations Online


“Keep feeling the need for being important, for being first. But be the first in love, in moral excellence, in generosity.”  -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Posted by VP Communications, King PTA




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