Current Projects and Activities

Please visit the PTA contacts page for whom to contact.

Welcome Fair
PTA in partnership with King hosts a “Welcome Fair” immediately before school begins. Families can learn about and/or sign up for afterschool, sports, library, school lunch, PTA, PE Uniforms, etc. With 900+ students and their families, this is a Big Event requiring significant organization and staffing.

6th Grade Room Parents
6th Grade Homeroom classes have Room Parents. Room Parents support teachers with field trips, in-class parent participation, communications and community building among 6th grade families.

P.E. Clothing
7th and 8th graders are required to “dress” for P.E. in a navy blue t-shirt and navy blue shorts or sweatpants. PTA orders navy blue t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and hoodies with the King Middle School logo that can be used for PE. They are sold at the Welcome Fair.

The King E-Tree is the single most important communications tool at King. Our PTA is careful to ensure that only school-related messages are posted. At the beginning and end of the year, messages will arrive frequently with information critical to student success and parent participation. During the year, messages are less frequent but equally important. We try to keep our email volume to a minimum, combining messages into one newsy email. To join, please use the online signup form.

Parent volunteers gather in the Teacher’s Lounge, usually on a Friday morning, to mail report cards and other correspondence from the school and PTA. Mailings are a wonderful time to sit and get to know other parents while helping the school.

If you would like to help with the Friends of King Campaign, the Run-a-Thon, or Escrip, please contact a member of the fundraising team.

Parent volunteer Ronnie Cohen has been writing grants for two years, with great success. This year, she has assembled a larger team to help. If you have grant-writing experience, please contact the grant PTA

King Tours
King organizes tours and information sessions for families looking at King from outside of the district, as well as for families continuing to King from BUSD elementary schools. Tours are offered each year by the PTA.  Dates for the tours are listed, please see the tour page for details.

The new King website was been produced by parent volunteer team and is maintained by volunteers. If you are interested in helping maintain the website, please contact the webmaster at 

WriterCoach Connection
Parent volunteers work one-on-one with every 8th grade student. This is a wonderful way to get on campus and contribute in a very personal way to the success of students at King.

Food is at the heart of King’s efforts to build community and show thanks to our teachers and staff. Hospitality coordinates food for school events and staff appreciation meals. Parent volunteers coordinators can always use help at events to set-up, decorate, serve, and cleanup. For staff appreciation meals, the P.T.A. usually purchases main dishes, with sides dishes and desserts donated by parents.

Art in the Library
During the lunch hour for one week of every month, students go to the library to do a variety of art and craft projects, with parent volunteers helping out. If you are interested in helping out, please contact the parent volunteer team.

Gardens & Yards
King’s beautiful courtyard garden is maintained by parent volunteers.

Office & Admin Volunteers
PTA and the school have occasional needs for parents who can help with data entry, making copies, organizing hand outs, and other “office work.”

Bulletin Boards
Currently there is no parent support for enhancing the many bulletin boards at King. Teachers and Administration could use help to showcase student work, art, and engaging information for our community.

Walk & Roll/Safe Routes
This group encourages biking, walking, bussing, skating, and other modes of alternative transportation to get to and from school.


PTA is open to new ideas and inspiration from the parent community, as long as those ideas are backed up with the time and willingness to carry things out. Contact the PTA President, if you are ready to roll up your sleeves and make a great idea into a reality. And, if you like new projects but don’t have your own in mind . . . PTA has many to share with you. Much work is done by our outstanding volunteers, and there is always plenty more to be done!


Please visit the PTA contacts page for whom to contact.