Welcome to the Parent-Teacher Association!

The invaluable gifts of your time and energy are some of the most important ways you can give to King! With a parent population of over 1,500, we are proud that almost a third of our parents sign up to volunteer in some capacity during the year.


Minimum $10

Become a PTA member with voting rights

Friends of King

Help the PTA provide essential elements of your child’s education! Contribute to the Friends of King Campaign.

King PTA has three goals:

  1. Build and strengthen community ties among King families and between families, teachers and staff
  2. Increase parent connections to King
  3. Raise funds to support and provide programs and initiatives for student success, and to support the PTA’s work in building connections and community

With many projects underway, we also have a large number of parents serving in leadership. Our budget is over $165,000 and we raise most of this through our Friends of King fundraising campaign, as well as events such as the spring Run-a-Thon. We also raise additional money in small grants, which vary from year to year.

Some of the programs funded by the PTA include

  • The WriterCoach Connection program
  • Cooking and gardening teachers for the Edible Schoolyard
  • Technology support for all school computers
  • Lifeguards for the swimming program
  • After school sports
  • 6th Grade Welcome Dinners
  • 7th Grade science programming
  • 8th Grade graduation dance
  • Classroom libraries
  • Parent Education presentations
  • P.E. equipment (such as basketballs and basketball hoops)
  • Classroom supplies
  • Special science classroom supplies
  • Field trips
  • Art supplies
  • Student planners

We are very conscientious in using the funds entrusted to us, adhering to budgeting and accounting practices that ensure PTA monies are secure and accounted for and spent in accordance with the priorities of the school and the parent community.

We welcome your participation as a leader or volunteer and your donations to the Friends of King Campaign. Thank you in advance for your participation at King!


PTA Leadership and PTA Contacts

2019-2020 King PTA Contacts
PTA President Yael   Galinson
VP of Communication Kristin Stangl
VP of Outreach and Parent Education Sherry Fahey & Caitlin Higginbotham
Secretaries Robin Candler
Treasurer Bridgett Bernhard
Financial Secretary Jasika Kataria  
Auditor Carolyn Bookhart
Other PTA Contacts
Webmaster Curtis Draves  
 Web Content Editor Christy Quinto  
Friends of King Maureen Krantz
Hospitality Patrick Hamill
Kelly Marston
6th Grade Welcome Dinners & Room Parent Coordinator Sandra Loving
Welcome Fair Maria Alvarez
Kristin Stangl
Fall Festival Carolyn Bookhart
Uniforms Valerie Kratzer
Tours Laura Walker  
Emergency Preparedness Michael Fitzhugh
Run-a-Thon Anna Fogelman
Yael Galinson
Logo Wear Elizabeth Barry  


Meetings and Parent Education

PTA meetings typically occur on the first Tuesday of the month and are held in the Teachers’ Lounge off of the main courtyard. PTA Executive Board meetings are from 6:00-6:30pm , and Check E-Tree postings for the most up-to-date information.

Calendar of Meetings

You can view upcoming meetings on the king calendar at:  or by looking at the embedded calendar at the end of this page.


Current Projects and Activities – Get Involved!

Find an opportunity that fits your interests, skills, and availability.

6th Grade Room Parents

Sixth Grade Homeroom classes have Room Parents who support teachers with field trips, in-class parent participation, communications, and community building among 6th grade families.  It is vital that each homeroom have at least one dedicated room parent (co-room parents are fine!) to help make the kids’ first year at King a happy and memorable one. Contact Sandra Loving if you are interested in becoming a room parent.



Fundraising is an absolutely critical component of our school’s success and can only flourish with the help of our community members. Our two biggest fundraising efforts are the Friends of King campaign and the spring Run-A-Thon. If you would like to help with the Friends of King campaign, contact Maureen Krantz. If you’d like to get involved with  the Run-a-Thon, contact Anna Fogelman.



The PTA has a new grant writing team this year and is looking for parents to participate. If you have grant-writing experience and would like to get involved, please contact Jane Sperling Wise.


Food is at the heart of King’s efforts to build community and show thanks to our teachers and staff. The Hospitality Team coordinates food for school events and staff appreciation meals. Parent volunteers and the Hospitality PTA members can always use help at events to set-up, decorate, serve, and cleanup. For staff appreciation meals, the PTA usually purchases main dishes, with sides dishes and desserts donated by parents. If you’d like to get involved, contact Patrick Hamill.

King Tours

King organizes tours and information sessions for prospective families.  Tours are offered each year by the PTA.  If you are an organized parent who enjoys outreach to potential new students and families, please contact Laura Walker for more info.


P.E. Clothing

See the P.E. Uniforms page for info.

Welcome Fair

PTA in partnership with King hosts a “Welcome Fair” immediately before school begins. Families can learn about and/or sign up for after-school programs, sports, library, school lunch, PTA, PE Uniforms, etc. With 900+ students and their families, this is a Big Event requiring significant organization and staffing.