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Principal's Weekly Message

December 16, 2021

King Families,

Your student should have brought home a COVID test kit today. We know a few students were absent and at least one teacher forgot to hand them out. We will get them to your students tomorrow. All students and staff will take the test regardless of vaccination status. Please save these kits for the testing on Dec 31 and Jan 2. Do NOT follow the instructions on the test kits. Please go HERE to read what to do.

If your student is not vaccinated we will be doing weekly testing at school. So we don't mistakenly arrange to test a student who doesn't need to be tested, please send a photo or scan of your student's vaccination card to if you haven't already done so.

Thank you for helping your student finish strong this semester. Please continue to monitor social media. It is the root of much conflict and meanness.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to make year end donations please consider donating to Friends of King (via check or here.)

Thanks and see you in 2022!

Janet Levenson


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