Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences Nov 6-8, 2019

Students will be dismissed at 12:20 pm on:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (11/6 – 11/8)

We look forward to the parent teacher conferences which are coming soon. The 6th grade teachers schedule particular times but the 7th and 8th grades are assigned blocks of time to spread out the traffic.When you attend the conference, you will be given your student’s first quarter report card. 7th and 8th grades will meet with your student’s teachers in the gym. Please make it a priority to meet with the teachers in whose classes your child is receiving 1’s and 2’s. You are encouraged to bring your student with you so you can all discuss your student’s progress. There will be translators available to assist parents who speak Spanish. Together, we can help every student succeed in school.

7th & 8th grades have been assigned a day and time to meet with teachers all of whom will be available in the gym.This year the alphabetic groupings have been drawn at random so please look closely at where your time is. If you cannot come at the appointed time, please phone the school’s secretary, Ms. Tania Hernandez, at 644-4544 to reschedule.

Thank you!

7th and 8th Grade

Wednesday, November 6, and Thursday, November 7

Wednesday, November 6

2:00 T-V

2:30 X-Z

3:00 N-P

3:30 A-Ba

4:00 Fi-Gr

4:30 C

5:00 Mc-Mu

5:30 W

6:00 Q-Ri

Thursday, November 7

1:00 L-Ma

1:30 Ro-Sc

2:00 Be-By

2:30 Go-H

3:00 Se-Sy

3:30 D-Fe

4:00 I-K


Also see the generic Parent-Teacher Conference page (similar information but in more detail).