Parent – Teacher Conferences

Parent – Teacher Conferences are in November.

Dates for the Parent-Teacher Conferences are listed at the bottom of this post and on the King Calendar. They are usually the first week in November. 

6th Grade Times:   Sixth grade students have an assigned one-on-one conference with both primary teachers together. Please see note from your student’s teacher.
7th and 8th Graders Times: Seventh and eighth grade conferences are held in the gymnasium where each teacher is available for short, one-on-one conferences during your child’s assigned time. Times are bases on LAST NAME and occur after the short day ends into the early evening.   Please see note sent home and sent via E-Tree for details, or check the Dates and times section below.  Conference times are by alphabetic last name groupings and are drawn at random. If you cannot come at the appointed time, please phone the school’s secretary  at 644-4544  to reschedule.

Conference Purpose

The conferences are a time for you to review work with your child, get their report card and meet with the teachers to discuss strengths and areas of growth.

School will be dismissed on these days at 12:20 pm; After School will be in session from 12:20–6:00 pm.

Educating our students effectively requires a stimulating and challenging learning environment at school plus support from parents at home—parents and teachers working together! One of our ongoing goals is to develop a closer tie between parents and their student’s teachers. We look forward to parent-teacher conferences coming up next month.

When parents attend the conference, they will be given their child’s report card. Parents are encouraged to bring students with them to be involved in discussing their progress.There will be translators available to assist parents who speak Spanish.

Please make it a priority to meet with the teachers in whose classes your child is receiving 1’s and 2’s. Together, we can help every student succeed in school.

Sixth Grade Conferences

Sixth-grade teachers send notices to sixth-grade parents regarding their conference schedules.

All changes are coordinated through the 6th grade teacher.

Seventh & Eighth Grade Conferences

Parents of 7th and 8th grade students meet with the teachers in the Gym. Teachers will be set up at tables in the Gym, and parents visit each of their student’s teachers at his or her table. Teachers only have about 5–7 minutes to talk about each student. Here are some guidelines for a successful conference experience:

  • Expect a brief hello and overview, not an in-depth review of student work.
  • You don’t have to meet every teacher. When you arrive at the gym, choose the teachers you want to see and move from table to table seeing them.
  • Schedule a follow-up meeting with any teacher where you feel it is necessary. The teachers may request this as well.
  • Be respectful of other parents if there is a line of people waiting behind you. Keep your conversation to a brief check-in. We will be monitoring the lines to try to keep anyone from waiting in long lines.
  • Come prepared with questions you have about your child’s academic progress.
  • We will have translation available for Spanish speakers

When you attend the conference, you will be given your student’s first quarter report card.  You will then be able to meet with your student’s teachers in the gym.  Please make it a priority to meet with the teachers in whose classes your child is receiving 1’s and 2’s.  You are encouraged to bring your student with you so you can all discuss your student’s progress.  Together, we can help every student succeed in school.

You have been assigned a day and time to meet with teachers all of whom will be available in the gym. This year the alphabetic groupings have been drawn at random so please look closely at where your time is. If you cannot come at the appointed time, please phone the school’s secretary at 644-4544 to reschedule.

Middle School Parent Teacher Conferences will be held November 6 to 8, 2019. See schedule.