P.E. Uniforms

7th and 8th grade students are required to dress for P.E. (gym) class. They must wear a navy blue T-shirt and either navy blue shorts or sweat pants. King PTA sells shirts, shorts, and sweatpants with the King logo just for this purpose.


PTA Uniforms On Sale Online Now 

7th and 8th grade students are required to “dress” for P.E.  They need to wear a navy blue t-shirt, navy blue shorts or navy blue sweat pants.  For this purpose and for your convenience, the PTA sells the blue clothing emblazoned with the KING logo.
(6th graders are not required to dress for P.E., but are welcome to buy any of the items listed below for spirit-wear and/or after school sports.)
All Orders placed over the summer by August 18th will be available for pick up ONLY at the Welcome Fair.


How to get King P.E. uniforms:


2. Purchase after the Welcome Fair from the PE department 
  • If you don’t order over the summer then you will be able to buy from the PE Department.
T-shirts: $10
Shorts: basketball-style (9 in inseam) $15
Shorts: shorter shorts (5 inch inseam) $15
Youth XL to Adult XXL available
You can try on sizes at Alliance Graphics at 1101 8th Street.



Pickup of uniforms before school begins:  Items ordered online can be picked up at the Welcome Fair the day before school starts. Please note:

  • Online orders must be placed at least 10 days before the Welcome Fair to be prepared pick up.
  • If ordering online, please put your child’s name and grade in the “Note to seller” box on the “Basket” page.
  • You may want to purchase additional items and/or duplicate items so that clean sets are available at all times.
  • You can donate uniforms that your student has outgrown by bringing them to the front desk


Pickup of uniforms after school begins:

  •  Uniforms ordered online are not shipped, instead they are picked up at school by the student from the PE teacher.
  •  Families will need to print out their confirmation email and then students can take the confirmation email to their PE teacher to receive their uniform.
  • This information will be included in their order confirmation.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot set up the online store for pick ups, so all of these order say they will be shipped in the online store but they will actually be handed out which is why when ordering it is important to put the student name and grade in the online checkout so they can be delivered properly.


Graduating to BHS? Or perhaps just moving up a size?  Donate your used P.E. Uniforms!

Has your child grown out of his/her uniform and/or is he/she moving on to BHS?  If it is still in good shape, please donate the uniform to the PE department or give it to a 6th grader you know.   Please drop off at the front office and/or have your child give it to his/her P.E. teacher.