June 2012

Looking back, looking ahead, I loved my first year as King principal! The highlight of the year for me definitely was getting to know your children. They were so open and honest and goofy and polite and loyal and exuberant and excitable and sometimes they even responded when I said hello. The changes they go through at this age are remarkable. The sweet 6th graders are about to have their worlds explode. The disjointed and wildly energetic 7th graders will soon settle into their new bodies. And our 8th graders are heading for the big world of high school. Remember, they are not grown even though they often think they are. Remember, you aren’t the only parent who doesn’t allow . . . (fill in the blank). I hope you can make time this summer to spend with your children. Your relationship is key to their success in school and beyond. Enjoy the summer!

School starts again on Wednesday, August 29, and the Welcome Fair is on August 28. Please watch for a summer mailing in early August with lots of important information about the next school year.

We bid farewell to some wonderful staff members who are leaving us:

  • Ana Castro is taking a leave of absence for the next year.
  • Karl Mauks-Koepke is relocating to New York.
  • Liz Arnett Zumpe is going to get her doctorate at UC Berkeley.
  • Joy Osborne is retiring . . . and coming back to teach Read 180 part-time.
  • Christie Clark is going to work closer to her home in the North Bay.
  • Jeff Resnik is going to be home as a full-time dad.

It has been a pleasure to become a part of the King community. I look forward to meeting more of you next year.