Illuminate (BUSD moved from Powerschool to Illuminate in 2017)

For the 2017-2018 school year BUSD is moved from PowerSchool to Illuminate. This is how King will store student grades, assignments and attendance data. To start using this tool, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. To get your Parent Access Code visit  this look up site
    Enter all the required information to get your code:

    • 7-digit student id number
    • Student last name
    • Parent first name
    • The numeric portion of your street address
  1. To access the Portal, go to
  1. The first time you visit, click on Create Account (in Green).
  1. Complete the following page by filling in:
    • First Name Your first name
    • Last Name Your last name
    • Email This is your user name
    • Phone Only needed if you’d like to receive text updates
    • Access Code The access code you obtained in step #1
    • Password Create a password
    • Once this form is complete, click Submit.
  1. Once in the portal, select the Gradebook, Assessment, or Report Card information you would like to see.

Absences and Tardies

The “Attendance History” icon will show you the attendance for the semester.  This section tells you how many absences your child has during the semester.  Because the students do not necessarily have the same classes every day, they may not be marked as absent for a class even though they missed school that day.   You will see a code that notes how the absence is classified and the definition on the legend at the bottom of that page.

All absences must be cleared by contacting the attendance office at 644-6098. 

Clicking on a number in the Absences or Tardies rows will give you dates and other details.