Grade 6 Edible Schoolyard


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Sixth grade students visit the Edible Schoolyard for either Kitchen or Garden. The curriculum is coordinated with the 6th grade educational program. The Edible Schoolyard at King teaches essential life skills and supports academic learning through hands-on classes in a one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom.

Students come to the garden with their science class. In the garden, they learn the basic tenants of growing food by working with compost, propagating plants in the greenhouse, cultivating beds, and harvesting fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Students come to the kitchen with their humanities class. In the kitchen classroom, students will gain an understanding of the basic tools and techniques of preparing food, how to read and execute a recipe, and how to share food around the table.

As the Edible Schoolyard is fully integrated in to the academic experience at King, students in the sixth grade  also learn about ancient civilizations, trade along the Silk Road, ecology, and life systems.