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6th Grade

All students participate in a nine-week drama course as part of the Wheel Program rotation.  These classes are designed to introduce students to and extend their experience with drama and will include Shakespeare, improvisation, voice training, scene building, and storytelling, among other things.

7th and 8th Grades

Drama Elective

Students have the option to sign up for an elective class that gives them an opportunity to go more in depth in their study of Drama. In this class, students will train in physical theatre techniques, learn scene study skills, and explore work with masks, monologues, and dramatic writing as well as other topics related to the world of theatre.  This elective is offered for either for a semester or a full year depending on the year.  This class meets during the regular school day and is part of the student’s regular schedule. This class is taught by Mr. Silberg.

English Language Instruction and Academic Literacy through Drama Elective

In this elective  class, 7th and 8th grade students newer to English have the opportunity to learn and practice conversational language and grow in academic literacy using drama techniques. Students for this full-year class are recommended by teachers, and it is part of their elective program.


Mr. Silberg in the News


Did you know he has been awarded a teaching award?

He has also been honored by the Berkeley Public Education Foundation as a Leader in Literacy.



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