Art in the Library

Parent volunteers needed for February!

Dear Art Enthusiasts of King Middle School,

We have  three days of art next week:

Monday, Feb.  11
Tuesday, Feb. 12
Thursday, Feb. 14

We will be making Itty Bitty Books, covered with lovely paper, and cards, of course.  This is a very popular project, and we need help! Please let me know asap if you can come for some or all of the lunch periods.

Remember, we have no art on Wednesdays because of the shorter schedule.

The schedule is as before:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

6th grade:  10:55–11:25
7th grade:   12:11–12:41
8th grade:   12:47–1:17

It is best to arrive about 15 minutes early on the first day to learn the project. There is a nice lunch break between 6th and 7th grades.  It is a good time to eat and schmooze with other parents.

As many of you know, this is a really fun way to interact with your child or their peers and get to know other parents. Plenty of time for lunch and chatting.  If you can spare the time, please be in touch with me by email or phone.

More Art!

Amielle Zemach
Library Media Tech