Grade 6 Overview

Sixth grade is a time of transition as students move from elementary to middle school. At King, the 6th-grade year is distinguished by several features that help support students during this time of change:

Students move with the same class group to their various teachers.

Classrooms and lockers are together on the ground floor; only staff and 6th-grade students are allowed access to this area.

Students have their lunch break at a time different from that of the upper grades.

Students have up to four teachers for academic subjects in the following areas:

Humanities—Language Arts and Social Science
Math and Science
Advisory (30-minute Reading or 30-minute Math)

Grade 6 students also participate in a Wheel Program of four supplemental classes during one of their six periods of the day.

See the 6th grade Bell Schedule for details

Grade 6 Bell Schedule

  6th GRADE BELL SCHEDULE   Mon., Tue., Thu., Fri. Periods 1-6 Period...

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Grade 6 Contacts

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