School Climate

The ideals of Dr. King guide the work of the staff. These ideals include equality, academic excellence, community action, nonviolence, respect for self and others, and leadership based on democratic principles.

King Middle School has distilled these concepts into four school wide expectations for behavior, the 4 Bs:

Be respectful.

Be responsible.

Be safe.

Be an ally.

Teachers and staff emphasize situational appropriateness, which entails choosing language and behavior based on where one is and to whom one is speaking.

King has developed the following policies and program to support these expectations:

Cohort Model

The school uses a cohort model in which a vice principal, counselor, and two resource teachers follow the students from 6th to 8th grade, supporting them academically, socially, and emotionally. This fosters staff building a meaningful relationship with each student as they move through middle school.

Passing Period Policy

When students are moving between classes, teachers and staff are in the halls, away from their desks and out of their classrooms. This presence helps teachers and staff be aware of student dynamics and encourages a calm and safe environment for all students.

6th Grade Social Smarts

All 6th grade students participate in a nine-week Social Smarts course as part of the Wheel Program. The course teaches students to

  • Respect differences
  • Foster empathy for all
  • Communicate effectively to resolve conflicts
  • Express their needs and listen to the needs of others
  • Create a sense of self and cultural understanding

The curriculum focuses on self-confidence and self-awareness, as well as on awareness of the harmful effects of bullying and how to be an ally.  The goal is to create a community that fosters an understanding of differences and empathy for others while learning to take personal responsibility for all actions. Working towards this goal, students examine popular music and literature, view a locally produced film on bullying, write poetry, create several art projects, and regularly share unique perspectives through discussion and journal writing.

No-Tolerance Fight Policy

King has zero tolerance for fighting and also for students who encourage a fight.

Any student who has participated in, encouraged, or instigated a fight will be suspended.

No-Bullying Policy

King has a no-bullying policy.

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