Give to King


eScrip is one of the easiest ways to bring in much needed funding to our school in these tight budget times.

Every time you shop at Safeway or at an eScrip merchant partner using the registered card, a percentage will be donated to King. Safeway, for example, donates up to 4% of your purchase price when you use your registered Safeway, debit, or credit card, so by registering your Safeway card, your contribution is ensured regardless of whether you pay by card, check, or cash.

Registering online takes just a few minutes:

  1. Go to the web site:
  2. Select “Members/Supporters” in top left, and then click the small sign up now link under “We make it easier to keep you informed!”
  3. OR, click on “Sign Up” in the graphic on the right-hand side of the homepage
  4. On the Registration Page:
  5. Enter your ZIP code to get full form, then fill in all fields with address, and create a password.
  6. Enter “Martin Luther King School” in the form field (Group ID: 6662871)
  7. For Cards and Phone Numbers:
    • enter S and select Safeway, enter your Safeway card # (or skip this card)
    • click Next
    • enter credit card Type (VISA, etc.) and CC #
    • Confirm.
    • Click Sign Up.
  8. Once signed up, you can review or edit your information by going to “My eScrip

For assistance, contact King parent volunteer Kim Wong at