Reasons for Absence

The California Education Code defines the following types of absences:

Excused Absence:  Acceptable reasons verified by a parental note or phone call include illness, medical appointments, funerals, religious holidays, and court appearances. Repeated absences for health reasons will require a doctor’s note.

Unexcused Absence:  Absences for any reason not delineated above, including truancy, are considered unexcused absences.

The District does not support the practice of taking family trips or vacations on school days. Absences due to family trips are unexcused.

Reporting an Absence

If your child will be absent, please let the school know by calling the Attendance Office before 9:00 a.m. with the following information:

  • student’s full name (no nicknames)
  • date of absence (full or partial day)
  • reason for absence
  • caller’s name and relationship to student
  • telephone number where parent/guardian can be reached during the day

Messages may be left 24 hours a day.

If a call is not made, your child will need to bring a note to the Attendance Office when she or he returns to school.

Clearing an Absence

If your child is marked as not being in class and the office has not received notice of her or his absence, you will receive an automated call and/or email from the school. To clear this absence, please call the Attendance Office.

Returning from an Absence

When a student is absent, it is the student’s responsibility to approach the teacher for any assignments or tests missed and receive instructions for making them up. For extended absences (more than four days), parents may contact the Records Office (644-6388) to obtain class assignments.