8th Grade Promotion Information

May 11, 2018


King 8th Grade Parents:


We are looking forward to the end of year activities for the 8th graders. We have a full last week of school related activities and we want to provide you this information in a timely manner.


Friday-June 1                8th Grade Dance 7-10 p.m.

                    Signed permission slip and ticket are required to attend the Dance

                    Ticket Sales will be on during 8th grade lunch on 5/14, 5/15, 5/22, 5/24


Friday-June 8                Yearbooks distributed in 6th period class

                    (To purchase a yearbook go to www.jostens.com)


Monday-June 11th                Six Flags Field Trip for 8th Graders

                    (9 a.m. to approximately 6:00 pm returning back to King)

                    Signed permission slip and tickets are required to attend Six Flags

                    Ticket Sales will be during 8th grade lunch on 5/17, 5/18, 5/25, 5/31, 6/1

                    The cost is $40 per ticket. For students with season passes the cost

                    is $10. Show season pass when purchasing.

                    Students must purchase ticket by June 1st.


Tuesday-June 12th            Promotion Practice during 4th period

Wednesday-June 13th            Promotion Practice during 2nd and 3rd periods

Admission Tickets (5 per student) for the Promotion Ceremony distributed at the final Promotion Practice on Wednesday to the students. If a family needs more than 5 tickets, parents are welcome to King front office to request 5  more the morning of June 14 (8-12).


Thursday-June 14                Promotion Ceremony at 4:00 p.m. at the Berkeley HS Community Theatre

                    8th Graders are to be in the Little Theatre by 3:30                   

                    The doors to the Berkeley High Community Theatre will not open until

                    approximately twenty minutes before the ceremony begins.  

                    When you arrive at the theater do not sit in the roped off areas. These

                    areas  are reserved for the students.                   

                    Absolutely no balloons or balloon bouquets are allowed into the theater.


Students must return all library books, textbooks, novels, PE locks, etc…before their report card and diploma will be issued.


The King Cobra describes the requirements for students to be promoted from the 8th grade.

“In order to graduate, as student must pass twenty of the twenty four semester classes taken during seventh and eighth grades, and these twenty must include four semesters of English and four semesters of math. These requirements must be met by June if a student expects to participate in the promotion ceremony. Passing a class is considered any grade above a 1/1.

We strongly encourage students to work hard this last quarter of school. We also encourage students and parents to make contact with their child’s teachers if they need more information regarding their child’s progress in a class.

Students who have not met the requirements will not be allowed to participate in the promotion ceremony.



Students must be in good standing with regard to their behavior at King in order to participate in the end of year activities. (Six Flags trip and 8th Grade Dance). Any students suspended between May 10th and the end of the school year, as well as students who have received multiple suspensions or suspensions for serious infractions, should not expect to participate in these activities. Also, the students must have turned in all textbooks and have served any outstanding detentions to be able to participate.

By early June (if not earlier), the school will be communicating with any student who will not be allowed to participate.