PowerSchool is an online service that gives parents access to their student’s attendance and academic records. Students can also check up on their own progress. Done together, this can be a valuable weekly activity and can open up some excellent discussions on work habits and responsibility.

Setting up a PowerSchool Account

This website requires a username and password to access your student’s account.

To create a Parent Portal Account, you will need a Parent Access ID and Password for each student you would like to link to the account.  The Parent Access ID and Password is only used to create your account.  In the process of creating an account, you will choose a new Username and Password.

To find your Parent Access ID and Password, go to http://pspasswords.berkeley.net or contact Monique Jordan-Araujo in King’s Main Office at moniquejordanaraujo@berkeley.net or 644-6388.

Instructions for Creating a Parent Portal Account:

  1. Open your Web browser to the PowerSchool Parent Portal URL at http://ps.berkeley.net
  2. Click the “Create Account” button.  Do not enter your Username and Password.
  3. In the “Create Parent Account” section, enter your first name, your last name, and your email address.  Choose a Username and Password.  Enter the Password twice.
    • NOTE:  Your Username must be unique. If the name you choose already exists, you will be prompted to enter a different one after you press the enter button.  Your password must be at least 6 characters long.
  4. In the “Link Students to Account” section, you will enter information specific to each student you are linking to the account.  For each student:
    • Enter the student’s first and last name
    • Enter the Parent Access ID. You will have a different Access ID for each student.  Be sure to enter the Parent Access ID associated with your student, not the Student Access ID or Username.
  5. Enter the Parent Access Password.
  6. Enter your relationship to the student.
  7. Repeat for each student you are linking to the account.

When all student information has been completed, press the enter button.

If successful, you will be directed to the login screen where you can login using your new Username and Password.

If you receive an error message (forgot to fill in a field, your Username or email address are not unique, etc.), you must correct the error(s) AND re-enter the Parent Access Password(s) for all students listed. You may then press the enter button again. Continue correcting errors until you see the login screen after pressing the enter button.

If you desire more than one parent/guardian account for your student, please provide the Parent Access ID and Parent Access Password to anyone that you authorize to access your student’s information (parents, guardians, relatives, siblings, etc.)


Understanding PowerSchool

The following information is presented to help parents better understand the content that is posted on PowerSchool for your student.

After you log on you will land on the Grades and Attendance page for your student.

This page has basic information about your child’s progress in the quarter and/or semester and their record on attendance and on time arrival to school.  Click on any text in blue to get more information


Your child academic performance is assesses using major categories.

SBP or Standard-based Proficiency  

Grade level indicates how your child is scoring on tests, quizzes and assignments.  Students are evaluated using the following scale:

 4   = Advanced       3 = Proficient          2 = Approaching      1 = Below

 Q1 indicates the SBP grade for the quarter

HOW or Habits of Work

Tells you how your child is doing in terms of class participation, attendance, homework completion, and other measures of effort. Students are rated using the following scale: 

4   = Excellent           3 = Satisfactory     2 = Inconsistent       1 = Needs Improvement

 H1 indicates the HOW grade for the quarter

Clicking on a grade for a class will take you to the teacher grade book where you  how your child is doing in terms of both Standard-based Proficiency (SBP) and Habits of Work (HOW).    These are usually indicated in the “Category” section along with the grade they received for that particular activity.  (Some teachers use the grade book more extensively than others.)

In some cases, teachers use different abbreviations to make the categories more relevant to the class work they are assigning and the grading system they are using in their class.  Some teachers also grade on participation, reading (Accelerated Reader or AR) or other categories and those are indicated on the page.  If you are not clear about what is being graded in a particular category, you can email the teacher and ask for a clarification.

Clicking on the name of the teacher from the PowerSchool page will open up an email to the teacher.

Absences and Tardies

 The “Attendance History” icon will show you the attendance for the semester.  This section tells you how many absences your child has during the semester (under the S1 header).  Because the students do not necessarily have the same classes every day, they may not be marked as absent for a class even though they missed school that day.   You will see a code that notes how the absence is classified and the definition on the legend at the bottom of that page.

All absences must be cleared by contacting the attendance office at 644-6098. 

Clicking on a number in the Absences or Tardies columns will give you dates and other details.