Grade 8 Edible Schoolyard


Kyle Cornforth
Room: ESY Office
Phone: 558-7174

Esther Cook
Head Chef Teacher
Room: ESY Kitchen
Phone: 558-1318

Elena Garcia
Garden Teacher
Phone: 558-1335

Jason Uribe
Garden Teacher
Phone: 558-1335

Monica Linzner
Chef Teacher
Room: ESY Kitchen
Phone: 558-1318

Geoff Palla
Garden Manager and Teacher
Phone: 558-1335

Shaina Robbins
Parent Class Coordinator and Chef Teacher
Phone: (510) 558-1335

Eighth grade student work in the garden with their science classes three times throughout the year.

They prepare food in the  kitchen with their humanities classes five times throughout the year and with their their science classes twice during the year.

In their final Edible Schoolyard class, they make pizza in the wood-fired oven.