Nancy Boyles
Symphonic Band, Jazz Band
Phone: 644-6280, ext. 32012

Judy Fendell
Concert Band

Michael Hammond
Cadet Band, Modern Music
Phone: 644-6280, ext. 27609


Bands are level-based and afford music students the opportunity to make music in an environment most suited to their music development. Instruction is focused on proper playing and practice habits, fundamentals of music, detailed rehearsal of music for performance for the purpose of providing each student with a workable knowledge of music so that he or she might enjoy, understand, and participate in the aesthetic experience of music individually, in a group, and at special events.


Students are expected to practice at home a minimum of 20 minutes three times a week and complete a monthly practice record. The practice record, on which a student records daily practice outside of class, is an important communication between home and school. It reflects the student’s work outside of the classroom and represents practice time, not performance level.  Practice records must be signed by a parent and turned in on the first class following the end of each month. To receive full credit, students are expected to practice at home a minimum of 60 minutes per week. Late practice records will not receive full credit.

Programs – Zero Period

The following band programs are offered before school, during zero period, 7:45 to 8:30 a.m.

Cadet Band

Instructor:      Michael Hammond

Concert Band

Instructor:      Judy Fendell

This is Ms. Fendell’s her seventeenth year in the District. She received her B.A. in Music from San Francisco State University. Before coming to Berkeley, she taught instrumental music in the San Lorenzo Unified School District. When she isn’t teaching, Ms. Fendell enjoys spending time with her 12-year-old twins.

Symphonic Band

Instructor:      Nancy Boyles

Ms. Boyles received a B.A. in Music and Liberal Studies from Cal. State University, San Bernardino and an M. A. in Music from Chico State University. She also teaches instrumental music at Berkeley Arts Magnet, Malcolm X, and Cragmont Elementary Schools. She most enjoys playing saxophone and flute, and spending time with her family.

Programs – After School

The following programs are offered as part of the After School Program. Please be advised, however, that After School music programs are not part of the KingVisionaries program. Students do not need to enroll in Visionaries to participate, and participation is free of charge. Funding for the program comes from BSEP (our Berkeley Parcel Tax measure) and from the  PTA, Berkeley Public Education Foundation, and box office donations.

If your child takes one of these classes PLUS other after-school classes, then you must pay for the other classes. In either case, the student must be registered through the After School program so staff can maintain accurate records of who is on campus after school.

Jazz Band

Instructor:      Nancy Boyles

Description:     Students learn to play jazz music and perfect their instrumental skills while having a great time. These will also be an opportunity to work on improvisation.

Participation:   Students may also be participating in other activities such as sports or drama during this time. To participate in Jazz Band, they are required to attend rehearsals at least two times per week. Students must also be enrolled in a zero period band class to participate.

Modern Music

Instructor:      Michael Hammond

Description:      Modern Music is a performance-based class that accommodates all instrumentation and all levels of musicianship (non-music readers welcome).  Students will learn how to manage their own ensemble, set musical goals, and pick songs that they really want to play. The modern music ensembles will have the opportunity to collaborate with the drama department and more. We are always looking for musically inclined volunteers to help with rehearsals and master classes.

Music Connection Tutoring

The Music Connection is offering free after-school music tutoring at King Middle School!

The Music Connection is a  UC Berkeley student organization working with the BUSD to give free music tutoring  to BUSD students. Students will get one-on-one private tutoring from a qualified UC Berkeley tutor, as well as performance experience in large ensembles and chamber groups.

For more information, visit the Music Connection website at The Music Connection Website

You can contact Music Connection at:

Art & Music Dates

Art & Music Dates

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