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Fine Arts


Larry Stefl
Fine Arts Teacer
Phone: 644-6280, ext. 32163

Art is offered to 7th and 8th grade students as a semester-long course in the elective program.

The course is designed to instruct art students in drawing, mixed media, painting, and printmaking.  Students will also work with ceramic tile processes that include glazing and firing in a kiln and plaster sculpture in hand studies. The class will become familiar with the basic principles and elements of design as well as utilizing the elements and properties of color in creating their work. Students will do projects that include graffiti art lettering, contour drawing, still life studies, traditional animation, manga style Japanese animation, masks and abstract designs from Africa, printmaking with monotypes on a printing press, and Picasso-style head studies and portraiture. They will learn basic skills and vocabulary in art and develop critical thinking skills as well as an appreciation of art.


Art & Music Dates

Art & Music Dates

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