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Sarita Trujillo
Phone: 644-6249

Dance is offered as an After School elective on Tuesdays and Thursdays for all students, grades 6 through 8.



The Dance Production class is for anybody who loves to dance and would like to opportunity to perform on stage!  In this class, students explore many different styles of dance, such as modern, jazz, and hip hop and also have a chance to learn routines from guest choreographers. Students will have the opportunity to perform at school events and assemblies and work with the theatre ensemble. All levels are welcome!


Please be advised that this program is not part of the King Visionaries program. Students do not need to enroll in Visionaries to participate, and participation is free of charge. Funding for the program comes from BSEP (our Berkeley Parcel Tax measure) and from the  PTA, Berkeley Public Education Foundation, and box office donations.

If your child takes one of these classes PLUS other after-school classes, then you must pay for the other classes. In either case, the student must be registered through the After School program so staff can maintain accurate records of who is on campus after school.


Art & Music Dates

Art & Music Dates

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Past Performances

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The BUSD owns band and orchestra instruments that students may borrow for the school year. Parent more