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Enrichment Classes


Program Office: Room S-1
Phone: (510) 883-6511
Lori Nixon


Phone: (510) 883-6511


Fred Sims
Athletic Director


Berkeley LEARNS District Office
Phone: 510-644-8625


Paper forms will be provided to complete registration for the enrichment classes.

When the form is ready it will be provided to parents.

If not received, email Lori Nixon at for the link to the form.

Additionally paper copies will be available in LEARNS office in S-1.  The following are the steps to complete the paper copy LEARNS Class Selection Grid or download the document Directions For Filling Out Class Selection Grid


For each time block that your student plans to attend LEARNS each day, a first and second choice must be circled and ranked. The only exception is the third block which has only one choice. For example, if your student is attending LEARNS Monday through Friday, your student should circle and rank two choices in each block from 3:10-6:00.  Please note, students are not allowed to leave campus and come back.  If your student selects classes for the second block, they must also have selected classes for the first block as well. NO EXCEPTIONS.



Finish the online signup or Return the Class Selection Grid in person with the rest of the completed enrollment paperwork on your registration date.

PLEASE NOTE:  All classes are filled based on a lottery system. There are no guarantees that your student will receive their first choice of classes. Once classes have been set and distributed to students, there will be NO changes made.

Your student will receive their new enrichment class schedule 1-2 weeks after signup.



King LEARNS After School Schedule

3:05-3:15: Check-in @ S1
3:15-4:30: Program 1
4:30-4:45: Snack @ Dining Commons
4:45-5:45: Program 2
5:45-6:00pm: Sign-out @ S-1

2:12-2:30: Check-in @ S1
2:30-4:00: Program 1
4:00-4:15: Snack @ Dining Commons
4:15-5:45: Program 2
5:45-6:00pm: Sign-out @ S-1



King LEARNS Program Descriptions Winter 2017  (January 3 – March 31) 



Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 3:15-5:45 & Wednesday 2:30-5:45

Located in the King Library, students are able to have a quiet, focused place to work on  their assignments or get lost in a book! Computers are available for educational programs everyday except Friday.


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-4:30 & Wednesday 2:30-4:00

This tutoring is designed with students who speak a language other than English as  their first language, but is not strictly for these students. Students are able to receive  help with homework in the student’s first language.


Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-5:45 & Wednesday 2:30-5:45

Bridging Berkeley is a math mentoring program that matches UC Berkeley Work Study  students and volunteers with Berkeley middle schoolers. Bridging Berkeley mentors  work one-on-one with students to explore math concepts and inspire youth to pursue  their college dreams!



Tuesday/Thursday 4:45-5:45 & Wednesday 4:15-5:45

Building your computer skills is vital for success in today’s high-tech world! Practice  your typing skills with a trained instructor in our wonderful computer lab. Improve your  speed and accuracy in order to take your academic and social lives to the next level.



ART & SCULPTURE (max 25 students)

Wednesday 3:15-5:45

Build basic drawing skills and turn those 2-dimensional creations into 3D objects! Use a variety of materials,  explore Art History, and develop different perspectives during your art journey.



Tuesday/Thursday 3:15-4:30

Any student who feels connected to the Black experience is invited to join King’s Black Student Union! This  will be a space to talk about everyday life, focus on bigger issues affecting the Black community, and of  course– HAVE FUN! Mr. McIntyre’s room (#103) will serve as the homebase, but meetings may take place  in other parts of campus or on field trips to important or influential sites.


DEBATE CLUB (max 15 students)

Thursday 3:15-4:30

Join the debate club to develop the skills needed to be an effective communicator! Learn to research and  build an argument from the ground-up, build your communication skills, and nurture your critical thinking.  Practice debating with your fellow students and enjoy the satisfaction of arguing with a purpose!


DIGITAL MUSIC (max 15 students)

Wednesday 2:30-4:00

Learn how to compose your own music using the Garage Band recording program! Students will be working  towards creating their own album and a school EP which will be available on Bandcamp & Soundcloud!



Thursday 3:15-4:30

Come enjoy the Edible School Yard garden! Learn the inner-workings of making a successful garden,  including preparing the soil, planting seeds, composting, and nurturing relationships with farm animals and  insects.



Thursday 3:15-4:30

This class will be all about making things up as we go. We’ll experiment with all kinds of improvisation – we  may make poetry, music, drawings, paintings, dances, ceramics, or sculptures. And, of course, every class  will involve food. Come with an open-mind and a willingness to try new things.


EMBROIDERY & FELTING (max 14 students)

Thursday 3:15-5:30

What better way to spend an afternoon than learning to create embroidered masterpieces! We’ll learn a  variety of embroidery techniques including chain stitch and cross stitch. We will also needle felt flat pieces  and soft sculptures.



Monday 3:15-5:45

The Girls Inc. class will be a safe, nurturing space for students to express themselves freely, as a result  cultivating personal development and empowerment from within. Lessons on mindfulness, empathy,  compassion and learning how to rise above adversity will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to share  their love of music, dance, and art (or whatever other passions they may have) with the class. The class will  be taught by fellow King parent, Pia Navales, a seasoned after-school teacher who previously taught the  Girls Inc. after-school class at King.


HIP-HOP DANCE (max 20 students)

Friday 3:15-5:45

Lead by instructors from the Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, Destiny Hip Hop classes are meant to be fun,  but also build a respect for the art form. Students will learn the fundamentals and history of Hip Hop dance,  while also developing their personal style, building community and increasing body awareness,  choreography skills, and commitment. Students will learn basic to advanced moves and even have the  chance to use their own creative process to add to pieces. Performance is key to an artist’s process, so a  Destiny dance class will help students build the confidence necessary to perform and develop a respect for  their history.



Monday/Friday 3:15-4:30

We will be using two different programs (Google CS and Khan Academy) to help expand students’  knowledge of computer programs and logic. Students will be able to progress to Khan Academy if they have  taken Ms. Lind’s computer class, some other scratch programing experience, or have mastered the Google  CS program.  The class will be self-directed — emphasizing team building and peer-to-peer mentoring (much  like most computer science jobs).  Mr. Conley is not an expert, but he is enthusiastically looking forward to  teaching this class.


KNITTING (max 12 students)   Wednesday 2:30-5:30

Come learn the basics of knitting while you make an i-pod/cell phone case or a cute stuffed bunny. As you  learn more knitting skills you can move on to hats, wrist cuffs, fingerless gloves and more! We’ll go over casting on, different stitch patterns decreasing, knitting in the round, and reading patterns. Learn at your own  pace and knit the things that you’d like to wear!



Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 3:15-5:45

Magic: The Gathering is a popular card game with elaborate cards and complex rules. Aldo & Ann will help  students unfamiliar with the game, will match students of like ability, field questions, and settle disputes.  Aldo also allows students to borrow starter decks, teaches valuable lessons of cooperation, and provides  opportunities for social bonding. M:TG is not only a fun & exciting way to spend an afternoon, the game  provides active engagement with politics, mathematics, geography, economics, and planning.



Friday 3:15-5:45

In Make It Club we MAKE, individually and in groups. Make It Club students create their own individual  tracks for a single golf ball to travel. Then towards the end of the term we bring everyone’s track together to  form a single huge amazing track for our golf ball to roll through. You can MAKE spirals, ramps, twists, turns,  bridges, trap doors! Each session we use a new base material to create our unique set of tracks. It could be  sticks, wood, cardboard… who knows? If you like to build crazy things that work, then this is the class for  you!! Come meet the famous Barbie Head! It’s all about Craft, Engineering, Materiality, and Collaboration.


MONEY MADNESS (max 15 students)

Monday 3:15-4:30

Living in today’s world means we must make money to survive. This program is designed to spark an  interest in understanding more about saving, making, spending, borrowing, and investing money. Play fun  games, pick and track stocks, and get inspired to use your hard-earned money wisely!



Thursday 3:15-4:30

The best way to learn about the world is to travel. Since we can’t afford to go around Planet Earth, the next  best way is to TALK to people from around the world. We will be writing and sending letters to people  around the globe. We will be doing it the old fashion way, with actual mail (so yes, you will get stamps from  around the world). Make friends, learn about the world, and have fun!


PHOTOGRAPHY **Digital Camera or Smart Phone Required** (max 15 students each)

Photography classes will be taught by fellow King parent, Pia Navales, a seasoned professional  photographer and after-school teacher. To see samples of Pia’s work, visit her website

BEGINNING: T/Th – 3:15-5:45

Learn basic and advanced digital photography skills from a seasoned professional photographer. In this  class, students will learn how to: compose and edit their digital images taken from their own smart phone  cameras; help put their subjects at ease in front of a camera to look their natural best; photograph an event  in a photojournalistic style; photograph portraits; photograph food and still life, as well as landscapes and   architecture; work with natural light to get the most aesthetically pleasing images; photograph school events  at King; and much, much more!

ADVANCED: Wednesday- 2:30-5:45

This class will be tailored for either 2nd year digital photography students who were in King’s LEARNS’  after-school photography class last year, or for students who demonstrate advanced knowledge of  photography. We’ll focus on developing advanced editing skills, do in-depth research of professional  photographers, learn how to identify and cultivate the students’ individual photographic style, learn marketing  skills to start a freelance photography business (including how to write business proposals), and much,  much more!


PUBLIC SPEAKING (max 15 students)

Tuesday 3:15-4:30

This program is for all students looking to improve their ability to speak in front of a group. Build your  communication skills, develop confidence that will spread throughout your school work and into your future  working life, and become a better listener as you support your fellow students during their presentations.



Monday 3:15-5:45 & Wednesday 2:30-5:45

What better way to make friends than by working together to escape a trap-filled dungeon or to foil the evil  wizard’s plan to destroy your kingdom? Do you want to be a crafty ninja, a raging barbarian, a gun-toting  sharpshooter, or a powerful sorcerer with the power to alter reality? Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and  Dungeons & Dragons let you create your OWN mythical hero in a perilous world fraught with monsters and  magic. Roll dice; describe your actions; go on adventures to earn experience points (XP) that make your  hero more and more powerful! Ambitious students can take turns being “game masters,” running the game  and crafting the worlds, stories, devious traps, and villains the heroes encounter. You’ll be having too much  fun to realize you’re learning creativity, leadership, teamwork, mathematics, and problem-solving. Also do  creative writing about your adventures to earn extra XP. Join “The Guild” today!


SEWING (max 6 students)

Tuesday 3:15-5:30

Learn how to sew with a sewing machine as you make a tote bag and your choice of a skirt or pillowcase.  We will go over how to thread and use a sewing machine, how to choose and cut out fabric, various seam  finishes and hemming. This class includes a field trip to a fabric store during the fourth week of class.



Monday & Thursday 3:15-5:45

Join Mr. Joseph in developing your artistic skills while learning about the fundamental elements of Hip-Hop!  Learn the difference between Graffiti Art and vandalism; watch Street Art centered documentaries; learn to  use airbrush, acrylic fabric paint, clothing dye, spray paint, & watercolor styles; design stencils and murals;  and discover the connections between Street Art and music.


TEEN SCREEN (max 18 students)

Wednesday 2:30-5:45

Join Ms. Zemach each Wednesday to explore screenwriting and film production! Students will focus on  writing a cinematic screenplay, and filming individual films and web series. This class is limited to 18  students who will commit to attending Teen Screen each week.


THEATER & PERFORMING ARTS (max 20 students)

Monday 3:15-5:45

Lead by instructors from the Destiny Arts Center in Oakland, Destiny Theater classes are for students who  want to express themselves on the stage. Using movement and storytelling, students get to find their own  voice and share their own story.  Theater teaching artists will share stories and histories of different cultures  to inspire students, and demonstrate theatrical techniques that will make them stronger performers and  sharers. Whether silly or serious, Students will build bonds through the act of creating and acting together.



Tuesday 3:15-4:30

In this class, students will develop visual art techniques in a variety of media. Activities include portrait  drawing with charcoal and graphite, cubist portraits using collage and painting, found object sculpture, figure  drawing, still life drawing, illustration and comic strips, and bookmaking.



Friday 3:15-5:45

This is a creative writing program that includes all formats: stories, novels, poetry, songs, plays or  screenplays. We will do writing in-class and provide space for students to share their work aloud if they  choose to do so. We begin each class with the “flow writing” method which helps with writing of all kinds and  helps develop each student’s unique, individual voice.




Monday 3:15-4:30, Wednesday 2:30-4:00, Friday 3:15-5:45

Want to hang out and play basketball, or get a kickball game going? Maybe you want to spend  time at the mini-park? With your LEARNS staff leader, decide as a group what the Cobra Crew  should do after school!



MTTHF 3:15-5:45 & Wednesday 2:30-5:45

Located in S1, the Game Room is a space for playing ping pong, foosball, board games, making  friendship bracelets, or just socializing on our comfy couches.



Tuesday/Thursday/Friday 3:15-4:30

All levels of experience welcome as you learn the art of skateboarding! Learn to stand, ride, do  tricks, and be safe from an experienced instructor. ***Boards & helmets provided but feel free to  bring your own!***



Beginning: Monday 3:15-4:30

Intermediate: Wednesday 2:30-3:30

Learn the fundamentals of tennis with Coach Carlton! Play against evenly matched opponents,  develop your tennis skills, and have fun enjoying the fresh air!



Monday/Wednesday 3:30-5:00

This will be a Cross-Country & Track conditioning class primarily focused on maintaining and  building cardio capacity and endurance in colder temps. Training will consist of road runs near  and around our King campus progressing from 2-5 miles with various elevation changes. Adult  and student leaders will accompany runners. Student must have permission slip on file in order  to participate in off-campus runs.



Monday/Tuesday 3:15-4:30

This class will provide a space for students to intentionally move, breathe, relax, and restore. Each class will begin with a centering exercise and transition into a vinyasa flow, connecting  and coordinating movement and breath. All physical abilities are welcome in this class. Students  are asked to be willing to try to limit their talk during class in order to facilitate a quiet  environment and limit distractions for all. Beginner yogis welcome!



Looking for more about sports?  For additional information please open the sports page

Note: Students must be enrolled in the LEARNS program to participate in sports.