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Independent Reading

Students read books of their choice in their Advisory class and at home.  They respond to the independent reading in a variety of ways, including maintaining a book log, taking Accelerated Reading quizzes, as well as completing quarterly IR projects.  All students are expected to read a minimum of 30 minutes each day at home to achieve their assigned goals in Accelerated Reader.  Student will be required to read a variety of genres including nonfiction, memoir, classical and historical fiction.


All students become proficient in the writing process (first draft, edit/revision, and final copy). Writing will encompass various genres including narrative, literary response structures, persuasive, and research.  Grade 8 students will work with writing coaches through the WriterCoach Connection on various writing pieces throughout the year.

Core Literature

Students will read selected novels from the Grade 8 Core Literature list as well as other selections (short stories, non-fiction and poetry, for example).  Students will reflect on their reading through plot analysis, character/setting description and evaluation, and identification and explanation of theme, as well as analysis.


Pearson Language Arts Text

U.S. History/Geography

Students study U.S. history through the 19th century. Major topics include

the origins and struggles of racial and ethnic groups who lived in North America

the American Revolution (War for Independence)

the formation of the United States and the roots of its government

expansion of the United States before the Civil War

reform movements of the 1800s

the Industrial Revolution

the Civil War and Reconstruction


History Alive TCI



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8th grade year end activities

8th grade year end activities

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8th Grade Promotion Information

8th Grade Promotion Information

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Transition to Berkeley High

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